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We're just a few teens selling tees for charity.
Our Story

Created on a late night drive through Alpharetta Georgia, Teens Selling Tees was founded by a few teenagers who simply want to help others in creative ways. Our objective is to create and sell fun summer apparel that people enjoy, in order to support global Covid-19 Relief through donating all proceeds to the World Food Programme. We understand that with a global pandemic there are many challenges that people face on the daily, and because of that we want to make it so that having access to food is not one of those challenges.

In today's day and age we want to continue to help the millions of people struggling with all that has happened as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Additionally, we wish to remain completely and totally transparent with all logistics and functions of our store and will provide such information as profit margins and donation reports so that you can see exactly how you are supporting.  Even though we are just a handful of teenagers from suburban Georgia, we are dedicated to making a true impact on the world, especially during these difficult times. 

The Charity

Currently fighting world hunger in the wake of a global pandemic, the World Food Programme has been commissioned by the UN to help those in need around the world.

By donating you are helping to feed those in areas that have been hit the hardest by Covid-19. This charity has been vetted by are team, but please look into this charity before any direct donation is made.

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Matthew Hirsch

Marketing student at Cambridge High School Matthew focuses on general management, logistics, and promotion.


Co-Founder of TST


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Raj Das

Co-Founder of TST


Founder of his own Marketing Agency, Raj is in charge of our brand designs as well as promotion and fundraising.


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Alex Taylor

Co-Founder of TST


A student film director and CEO of Red Wave Productions, LLC, Alex Taylor manages the digital content and basic store functions for TST.